GradApp Lab, Pakistan

GradApp Lab connects Pakistani students, who are applying to graduate schools, with mentors abroad. Our mentoring team consists of passionate graduate students at top schools around the world, interested in mentoring students from Pakistan. We are currently focused on mentoring Engineering and Computer Science students, but are happy to give general advice to students from other disciplines.

The mentors at GradApp Lab work closely with the students to bring the best out of their application. The process starts by a mentor reviewing the student's draft application materials and holding meetings with the student to understand both their aspirations, as well the education/research path they have taken. The mentor then advises the student on school choices and iterates with the student over application materials.

GradApp Lab is run by a small team of volunteers, who although committed to mentoring, are also busy graduate students. This means that we can only mentor a limited number of applicants each year. We follow a merit-based selection process to fill the mentee slots.

If you would like to be considered for a slot for 2018, please apply here.

Tentative Timeline:

10 20 October, 2018: Deadline to submit application to GradApp Lab
20 23 October, 2018: Acceptance notifications sent out
23 Oct - 31 Oct, 2018: Selected students upload draft application materials
01 Nov - 01 Dec, 2018: Mentors work with students and iterate over application

If you have any queries or would like to become part of the GradApp Lab mentoring team, please email us at


GradApp Lab, Pakistan, now in its fifth year, is being led by Taqi Raza and Fatima Anwar, who are currently pursuing their Ph.D.s at UCLA. It was founded in 2014 by NUST Alumni, Mobin Javed and Junaid Khalid.